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Sigma.js offers a variety of resources to assist developers in understanding and effectively utilizing the library:

  1. Documentation: This documentation provides in-depth information on sigma.js-specific topics. It covers both foundational concepts and advanced features, ensuring developers have a comprehensive understanding of the library.

  2. Storybook: For practical insights, sigma.js includes a set of examples base on Storybook. It is published on the website, and addresses diverse challenges and scenarios. These examples serve as hands-on guides, demonstrating how different problems can be tackled using the library.

  3. Source Code: To delve deeper into the workings of sigma.js, the source code is a valuable resource. It is extensively commented, offering clarity on the library's operations and functionalities.

  4. Demo Application: For a real-world perspective, the sigma.js repository features a complete demo (sources) built with React. This demo mirrors the structure of a typical application, providing a practical view of how sigma.js can be integrated and used in a project context.