a JavaScript library aimed at visualizing graphs of thousands of nodes and edges

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Sigma.js is a modern JavaScript library for rendering and interacting with network graphs in the browser. It works in symbiosis with graphology, a multipurpose graph manipulation library.


handles graph data model & algorithms



handles graph rendering & interactions


your web app

Quick start

I want sigma.js in my existing project:

npm install graphology sigma

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Use cases


The most basic use case: you have a graph dataset, with colors, sizes and positions for each node. For instance, you exported a GEXF graph file from Gephi. You want to visualize it using on a web page.

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You want to add interaction, so that your users can dig into the graph. You want to add a search field, and allow users to see the neighborhood of a node when hovering it.

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You are developing a web application where users can create and manipulate graphs. You need users to be able to create nodes on click, and to drag and drop nodes.

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You need to personalize the way your graphs are rendered. You need to display some nodes with pictures in them, and others differently.

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